Our understanding of how climate change will impact Antarctica, and in turn how change in Antarctica will impact the planet, is advancing at a rapid pace.

Key research foci are how to detect, pre-empt and attribute changes, to quantify and predict the rate and magnitude of changes to the ocean, cryosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. What are the technological requirements? Where must we focus our efforts in time and space? Equally, the challenge of engaging across the policy and public spectra needs to be addressed if we are to turn our research findings into actions that will improve the resilience and sustainability of our environments and communities.

This meeting will showcase the latest research findings emanating from the New Zealand Antarctic Programme along with its many international collaborators and provide opportunities to learn how our researchers are managing to conduct cutting-edge science in today’s environment. We encourage presentations from across the range of disciplines addressing the conference theme. We are particularly keen to see presentations that cross-cut the traditional disciplines and help bridge the gap between science, policy and society.

Conference circular (8 Mar 2017) - Please share!

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